Mika Harju

Welcome to the “about” section of my portfolio!

My name is Mika Harju, but I usually go with the alias Kamikazuh in the internet. I am a self thaught 20 years old artist from Finland. Creating characters, worlds and stories via my art, and sharing them with people, is one of the best things I know.

Currently I am working at finnish game development studio Frozenbyte, where I’ve started to branch my skill set into 3D art aswell.

I have done freelance work for several years before this, such as CD and book covers, game graphics and character designs.

I was the art director/artist/texturer for our great two people art team of Decoy Studios, a game development studio that did several games for EDF Energy and has since been working on own projects.
Before this I worked on a mod Total Realism 1148 A.D. for the game M&B Warband as an artist and texturer, among other smaller things.

My past career has also some graphic design included, such as several logos, business cards and web designs.

I always have a couple of projects in works, from graphic novels to open world RPGs, for when I happen to find myself with a huge team to make them a reality. But in the meanwhile, I’ll keep on learning new things and getting better at my craft.

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Illustration Character desing Sitting in sauna for a long time Texturing 3D sculpting and modeling


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